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Call any one of our live chat rooms to meet singles in your area discretly if you do not see your area code listed call our national chatroom to be directed to live members in your area Try it Free! You must be at least 18 years of age in order to use this service, please use discretion with chatting with other members on the line and remember to always use your better judgment when meeting someone for the first time. Adult xxpo assumes no liability for the personal meeting of live members you interact with on any of our live chat rooms offered by our affiliates.

Tips for safe Dating 

  1. Get to know a little bit about the person when chatting online.
  2. Find out what your interest are sociable, hobbies and general like and dislikes.
  3. Always meet in a public place until you know if you are going to continue the relationship with this person.
  4. Observe your new friends behavior!
  5. Tell your friends where you are going.
  6. Check their background.
  7. Play it safe when in doubt get away from a person that could cause you harm or danger.
  8. Never leave your alcoholic beverage unattended when meeting someone new even at a public location.

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